A Franchise Reborn.

After The Avengers movie I was quite excited about this iconic character from Marvel. The Amazing Spiderman is a direct cut out of the original 1976 classic comic book. No I didn’t google that info. I really am a great comic book fan. SO what did we get from this movie. Is it worth the trip to the theaters?

The answer is a awesome fanboy yes. Being very close to the comic made this movie nostalgic and almost anxious. Anxious to see what Peter Parker will say and do with his newly found powers. Everything about this movie was to relate you to the character. It builds a bridge to your mind and allow these people to enter in and set up fake memories. Memories that make you feel almost their pain and joy. The humanity of this hero is exactly what Stan Lee and Steve Ditko set to portray in the early writings of the comic strip. To show how a hero have flaws and short comings.

The villain was spot on. The references to the infamous Oscorp throughout the movie made the plot even more juicy. Watching how they made our villain more human and build up his insanity was just great.

I enjoyed every aspect of the movie. I loved how we FINALLY HAVE THE WISE CRACKING HERO that I know. Instead of the really soft hearted mary jane loving fool we have the scientific goof ball.

So if you are a fan I definitely recommend watching it. Well just to let you know the gamers came out the premiere night. It was a blast!

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