Twinkies my love.


Going to Sol gas station as I regularly do I  saw something that took my breath away. I saw Twinkies. The junk food every computer programmer and gamer should eat. Now some health fanatics will be mad at me. Cause it is full of unhealthy stuff. Nothing is better than a redbull and Twinkie playing BF3 @ 2 in the morning. Imagine playing MW3 with carrot sticks and ranch dressing. I would flip that and swap the carrots with tortilla chips. The ranch dressing with chilli and beans.
I know most people feel that eating healthy and exercising is what is needed in this generation. That is what the Wii is for. So as a gamer who love junk food I will enjoy my Twinkies and Redbull. Don’t be mad. Taste and see……how good it is on the darkside…

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