Predator Missile: Approve or Disapprove?

Death from Above

After watching the Medal of Honor Warfighter recent multiplayer vid I was shocked to see the similarity of it being like MW3. Yes I said it. I am not talking about the lag fest low graphics mess portion. I am talking about the fast paced action that it portrays.

Now two things that I see that EA have stolen from Activision is the infamous predator missile and EOD/RC bot. I know the EOD bot is from BF3 but it has a gun on it and we see one in MW3 also in the form of  a perk package. Which brings me to my point of the similarities. Will we have perks or kill streaks. Will we have a similar class setup as in BF3 where each class have a certain type equipment.

Either way the game looks excellent. Of course we know that the video was  taken straight from the PC build. It look to sweet to be a build from the console version.

So do you approve or disapprove the likes of a predator missile?

Here is the video again just in case you missed it.

2 thoughts on “Predator Missile: Approve or Disapprove?

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  1. If you ask me its a part of the game and I’ll live with it…but I’ll be more disappointed if its kill streaks and not just perks or such…I just want it be less of mw3 is all


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