I Hate Skinny Jeans

Saw this post on Facebook and thought to myself. What respecting human being would be so stupid to wear skinny jeans. Then I realized most of the brain dead youth of today is wearing these skinny jeans. Now I know what you may be thinking. Your just old. Your not in style. Trust me I am a geek. I am never in style. Give me a shirt that say “Horde FTW” any day. I rock a USB Bling. The only pimping I do is on GTA.

Which brings me to my next point. I remember in my time we was totally brain dead also to a certain new trend that I never did. It was this two crackheads.

Kriss Kross.

Wiggidy Wigiddy Whack

Although they had some decent rhymes I couldn’t work with the style. That was easy access to the butt. Once you bend over it is all down hill from there. Then they wore it so saggy that no zipper was needed to gain entrance. Just to imagine that we went form that to skinny jeans. At least with baggy pants you can salvage it. Not with skinny jeans. All of the vital organs is being constricted. Blood flow is being cut off. Your sister who bought those jeans now have to fight you off from wearing them. Imagine grown men in Marrianes looking for jeans. Sad. Pure madness.

I saw this video on facebook and had to put on CaribGamer. Big up to PickoMoff for the find.


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