Cardiff aka King Leonadis

Cardiff and Hottie #1

He went. He saw. He lost. But not by much. He represented the BVI with style and grace. I honor him among great men like King Leoniadas. Only difference is he didn’t have 300 men with him. Nonetheless he went to the World renown Caribbean X Games. Where many of the neighboring Caribbean islands came together in St. Maarten and battled it out. I will update the blog with an interview with him soon enough. He was so kind to share with me some pics of the trip. I will upload just a few that I got. Once I get the interview will add it to the video. So until then here is some pics to wet your appetite. Don’t worry I will ask him about all those hot girls that was there…..

Cardiff and Hottie #2
Cardiff and Hottie #3
Epic Match
Pimping Ain’t easy with a Golden Wii-mote

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