No 4-Page Letter

I remember in the mid 90’s there was a song by Aaliyah. It was called 4-page letter. In my time we would write letters or notes to the girl we liked. Sometimes we would even send questions such as “Do you like me?” Y for yes and N for no. As simple as that is I came to the realization that this generation don’t know about that.

They are all about texting. They form relationships based upon being connected. What is amazing is that romance is no longer an equation. The level of romance now is based upon how good the sex is. I took time one day and listened to the music of today. I nearly vomited. From the year 2000 love music was just garbage. No more “Turn off the lights. Light a candle”. It is “Massage the pum pum.” I guess they done with all that work. Just get to the action. I remember when I would talk to a girl and had to work hard for that number. Now mind you this is the time before cell phones was cheap. Cell phones in my time was medium size and the bill was astronomical. So I had to conserve my call times. So writing letters was the best way to go. Don’t forget that when you do have the girl with you that the mood have to be just right. You have to have a mix tape. I would hold my tape deck close to the radio late at night and catch that special love song from Sade. You know the song. “You gave me that kiss of life.” You know how it use to be. Taking your time with the girl and really get to know her. But now we are consumed by the internet and “BB”. I asked some youths at a forum if they ever received a letter from a secret admirer or loved one. They looked at me like I spoke in spanglish. They know what a letter was. They never received one. I was shocked. But then I realized that the new form of connecting has changed. Relationships are impersonal. All because of one thing.

Now we have people who don’t know me from adam becoming my “friend” on facebook because the internet told them to do it. Like zombies young people trolling girls facebook pages. In my time we would literally look at “real girls” on the block and “really” go and talk to them. Not send them a message or like their page. So to me I think the internet killed romance. Yeah. I said it. Children especially the young boys don’t know how to romance the young ladies. Don’t get me started with the young ladies. They more bold than a bonafide pimp. I hear stores of boys telling me that girls grabbing dudes stuff and saying if they smaller than 6 inches don’t check them. The closest thing in my day (early 80’s late 90’s) to a bold woman was her looking at me nice on the side. You know when she is walking away and that song from monica is playing in your head. “sitting up in my room. Thinking about you” Cause you know she thinking about you now. I mean what happened to the chase. The thrill of getting the girl. You know that girl that was untouchable. She was that girl that only Jesus could be her man. Ya had to put in the time. The calling. The quality time. I had a friend who tell me “I got to spend quality time with my woman.” Now I see dudes just pumping songs about sex. Nothing about loving her for who she is. A beautiful woman. Now they want to do her like a dog. Flip her on her head and do her dutty. Ugh I guess I will be old school and write my wife letters expressing how I feel about her. Dropping the Songs of Solomon in explicit detail. So if you are reading this blog and you agree with me try to be more romantic. Don’t be a zombie and just sex the girls dem. Romance them. Treat them with love and compassion. Ladies stop being a bully. The songs of today don’t respect you. So find a guy that know what your worth.

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