The VGX team is moving forward from a great tournament to a even better one for 2013. I was just invited to the Facebook group Video X Games on the Road group. I am excited to be apart of this special group of gamers and I will do my part in keeping us the BVI group informed of all the events that will be taking place. Here is some details of the special guest we can look forward to in 2013 for the next big VGX Tournament

“Special Guests proposed for 2013:
Cross Counter (Combofiend, Gootecks, Mike Ross) + Kayane
DMG ( 4 players)
FGTV’s Ricky Ortiz and PR Rog
Empire Arcadia (4 players)
IFC Yipes and LI Joe

All special guests will be allowed to compete this year. 5 of these gamers will be placed on the celebrity judges panel for the Caribbean Cosplay Queen pageant. A nice excuse for us to see 2 of the cutest girls in the caribbean posing on stage in cosplay 😀

Finally they will be in Caribbean Battle Royale 2, with a “Caribbean All Star” team being selected and placed in the battle royale as well.”

So with big names like that why would we miss this event. I know we did a piss poor job getting there this year but we can do better. Cardiff aka Leonadis did it. So keeping us informed and planning ahead will allow us to plan much better and save our funds also. I will link to whatever news VGX does right here for all the BVI peeps. Also will remind ya in the podcasts to come. So keep it locked for more news and info right here. Also hit my boy Rolando Brison up on facebook and get connected.