So far this chromebook is everything I need for keeping organized both online and offline. It helps me become more productive by allowing me to sync seamless with all my devices. It didn’t hurt that I own an Android phone. The real test will begin when  I start work.

So far the offline apps work without a hitch. Right now I am typing this message offline. Giving me the ability to still be able to work without the use of the all mighty internet. Hopefully the BVI will have their 3G service up and running so I can be totally independent from using the WiFi.
Real World Test
Working in the IT field I depend heavily on network and the cloud. Writing notes using the scratchpad is very useful. It also backs up to Google Drive once I am online. Living in the BVI there isn’t much “hotspots” . So when I really need to get online I would use my HTC One X Android phone as a Wireless Hotspot. Although using Edge for a hotspot the Chromebook automatically compensate by loading the main parts of the Website.
Now let me be clear. The Chromebook can not and will not replace your main PC. The Chromebook is very limited. Although it can not do all the different things your normal Windows or Mac PC can do it will allow you to be more efficient on the cloud and web. My problem with the Chromebook is that it does not allow you to modify the network. For example the issuing a static IP address is very hard. Unless there is DHCP on the network you can not assign the static IP address.
For everyday use I can see the Chromebook being great for the children. As far as the apps goes I feel that they are really weak. There are a few great apps but mostly Web Portals to the site. A real App would be on the lines of Angry Birds. If Google want to make the Chromebook an even better machine they should work on some offline apps. As of now it is borderline usable.
The make of it is what I would expect from Samsung. Very sturdy. I would say it look like a Macbook Air. Just a little fatter. With the Intel Core Processor and 4gb of RAM she moves very smoothly. Playing 1080p movies is not a problem.
If I was to give this a score it would be a 3 out of 5. Not a bad machine but not something for the pro gamer or graphic designer. Here is some shots of what you may find in the box.