Naruto will never End. Ever.

So My fellow Naruto Fanboys we have to brace ourselves. The winter time is coming. I mean if the Zetsu clones aren’t enough and the dead coming back to life didn’t get your nands going this will. I saw over on AnimeShinbun about an interview with the creator of Naruto. Here is the Q and A.

Question: Let us ask you something about your exciting work, that is so greatly admired. Has the end of Naruto already been decided?
 Not everything is set in stone just yet. For example, I haven’t decided on the events that lead to the end, but the end itself has been decided pretty clearly. So from here on out it will just be a matter of running towards that point.

Question: In that case, do you have in mind how the very last volume will flow?
No, you won’t be able to read something like that just yet (laugh). The story really hasn’t progressed as much as I was expecting. About three years ago, at Jump Festa, I said that I would give Kakashi more to do in the manga. However, I still haven’t been able to do that. Honestly, I myself don’t know how much it will take. Nishio-san, who takes care of the character designs for the anime, also asked me for how long the story would continue and I answered “About one year and a half”. But it seems like it will take longer than that.

Question: Can we expect any more surprises?
There are still quite a few. Some characters who originally weren’t going to appear will come up again. And then, well, things are going to get exciting with Naruto, so please give me your support.

Question: Is there any material that you weren’t able to include in this year’s movie?
I intended to include all of the things that were inside my head. It’s just that I also have some novel ideas. There is some material that I probably won’t be able to insert in the original work, but if I get the okay of the editorial department, secretly I’d like to include it somewhere, like in a non-serialized story. Some suspenseful developments, the details are a secret, but there are many challenges that I’d like to face.

So there you have it. He is gonna milk that bad boy till it pumping powder. I see many fillers to come. With a little bit of sweet goodies in between. So With the next episode to air soon being a Sakura filler episode what else can they stuff in there. I would like to see Kakashi face. Ah well time to pack a blanket and lots of ramen. The winter is coming. Oh if you want to see more of this convo here is the link.


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