Black Ops 2: The Rundown

So like a period Activision is hitting us up with Black Ops 2. Now most of us seen the E3 trailer and was very saddened. Most fanboys was over joyed that another beloved Ops was coming. I mean really. You didn’t see that coming. But anywho I checked all over the net to bring all the confirmed info that we can expect from this upcoming title. Now let me get this out of the way. I am not a huge fan of Ops. After migrating to Bad Company 2 I never really looked much further. I am hoping that they bring Bad Company 3 soon. Loved part 2.

Black ops 2 weapons
Confirmed weapons till this moment:
Primary Weapons

Assault Rifiles

  • XM8/M8A1
  • AN-94
  • AK47
  • CAR-15 Commando
  • M4A1
  • M16
  • Steyr ACR
Sniper Rifles

  • Model 700
  • SVD
  • PSL
  • Psg-1
  • M76
Sub-Machine Guns

  • MP7
  • Vector

  • Striker
  • Spas-12
  • Featherlight
  • Model 1100
Light-Machine Guns

  • M249 SAW
Secondary Weapons
  • Machine Pistols
  • Handguns
  • M1911

  • RPG
Black ops 2 perks
Confirmed Perks. I already don’t like Diver. I mean really….but anyway.

  • Your health will be regenerated faster while moving.
  • Juggernaut Pro: Health regenerated while crouching too.
  • Juggernaut Elite: with ‘scavenger’ you can drop ammo supply for your team mates

  • Anytime a gun is pointed at you, your character can dolphin dive out the way. You can shoot while diving, and it will take time to regain focus.
  • Diver Pro: Crawl 2x faster.
  • Diver Elite: with ‘Extreme conditioning’ you can crawl 3x faster.
Escape Artist:

  • you will feign death, you can’t shoot while going prone.
  • Escape Artist Pro: When approaching death, your enemies will stunned and your red name will disappear.
  • Escape Artist Elite: with ‘Diver’ you will feign death instead of diving.

  • Your flying killstreaks will be counted for the next killstreak.
  • Pilot Pro: Your controllable flying killstreaks will stay till it gets shot.
  • Pilot Elite: with ‘Blind Eye’ your uncontrollable flying killstreaks won’t appear on the map.

  • Appears as a friend on the map, when shooting your color turns into red.
  • Spy Pro: Detect enemy spies, they will be spotted on the radar.
  • Spy Elite: along with ‘Pilot’ your airship will appears as a friend’s for your enemies.

  • Hold two knives in two hands instead of a one.
  • Bladesman Pro: You will have the ability to dodge an incoming enemy’s knife.
  • Bladesman Elite: with ‘Assasin’ your knife hit will be completely silent. Unless your enemy is using ‘Audiophile’.

  • Players using silent weapons will be shown on radar if they are close to you.
  • Audiophile Pro: Your enemy footsteps will be louder.
  • Audiophile Elite: with ‘Bladesman’ knife hits will be shown on radar.

  • Throw equipments 2x faster, and the circle will fill in 3 seconds. When the circle is full, it will throw 2x farther.
  • Defuser Pro: Pick up enemy Claymores and but it anywhere you want and can take semtex off a player and throw it off.
  • Defuser Elite: with ‘Quickdraw’ circle is full in 1.5 seconds only.

  • Your land killstreaks will be counted for the next killstreak
  • Technician Pro: Your Advnaced UAVs will jam your enemies UAVs.
  • Technician Elite: with ‘Defuser’ your sentry will last for more time.
Deep Impact:

  • Your bullets penetrate walls.
  • Deep Impact Pro: your bullets gain 50% damage for every person they pass through.
  • Deep Impact Elite: with ‘Steady Aim’ while hip firing your bullets cause 10% more damage for every person they path through.

  • Better accuracy while standing.
  • Conciousness Pro: More flinching is caused by your bullets.
  • Conciousness Elite: with ‘Marksman’ your enemies will be marked when shot.

  • You can shoot while sprinting.
  • Focus Pro: You can shoot while jumping.
  • Focus Elite: with ‘Stalker’ you will get lower damage from equipments.
I am not a fan of most of these perks. This will be another fine example of a game where perks and over powered guns will be the main issue. Hopefully they will be tweaking the game with patches. The same way most people stopped playing MW3 for BF3 is because of the input lag and unbalanced guns. So you know many Black Ops fanboys love the zombie mode. So of course they will deliver. From what I suspect they will make this the best Zombie mode to date.
Confirmed Info about Black ops 2 zombies:
  • 8 player Co-op and 4 Vs 4 Team matches.
  • Maps will be bigger.
  • There will be female characters.
I will be doing a comparison blog with the upcoming heavy hitter Medal of Honor Warfighter. In my opinion after watching the trailer for Black Ops 2 I can see the age of the engine. Only time will tell if the Call of Duty name can save this game.

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  1. wow these dudes are serious?! I mean just about all these perks will be a pain in the ass…once players start mixing and matching perks in ways that will jus label warlords on maps and those so called (support) players backing them up…this just spells S-T-R-E-S-S for FPS players…I mean it might be fun to try mixing and matching some of these perks in a clan fight or something but honestly I don’t want to see the chaos online will bring….


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