Naruto Shippuuden 271 Review

The winter time has come. To start things off we get a sakura heavy episode. She has lost her memory. Not even the mere mention of Saskue jogged her memory. We all know she would drop her panties for that boy. Most interesting part of the anime is around 7:01 of 23:10 there is a poster on the fence that clearly advertising the new Naruto Movie. Road to Ninja. Pretty cool Easter egg there. So back to the episode. As they try to bring back her memory she see her parents and instantly everything comes back to her. Which is revealed that she is in another world. That’s right. That Sakura is not our Saskue loving Naruto head banging self. This reminds me of the series called Fringe. You know alternate universe. She said something pulled her in to “this” world. I am led to believe that the writers want to explore the notion of the butterfly effect. In her world her parents are dead. Yet in the world we know they are alive. So if you ask me I kinda liked the episode. It show that they really want to stretch the narutoverse a lil bit longer. The question at the end was pretty funny. Where on earth is Sakura san diego lol. The next episode seem to be back on track. even the back track news commentary was pretty funny. So till the next episode stay frosty!!


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