My fellow gamer heads. I took it upon myself to go watch this instead of Batman over the August vacation. Yes. I know you guys are waiting for a Batman review. I will do that this weekend. Promise. So was this movie any good? Is it worth the dollar of admission?

So as you know this is a remake of the 1990 classic version. The 1990 classic starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. A huge icon in the 90’s. He was the action guy of the time. So fast forward to 2012 and we have a more lean less bulky version. Colin Farrell is the new star of the show. Now the original story is about Mars and the low supply of air. Hauser memories was taken and given a new identity which is who we are introduced to as Douglas Quiad. He goes to a place called Total Recall. Where your dreams become reality. Unfortunately his memory is triggered and he is activated. Long and short he kicks butt, goes to mars, 3 boob lady, save the day.

Now does the remake lives up to the original. Sadly no. They tweaked it so much that only a few things remain the same. There are some points that stay true to the original. 3 boob lady is back. PG-13 so no nipples. Of course we have the updated action sequences. We have the evil dictator who wants world domination.

They don’t go to mars. Yes I know. The whole idea behind the movie is he goes to mars. Instead he is an awesome spy who got to deep with the girl. She then showed him the light. He defects and the evil dictator wipes his mind and hope to use him to find his enemy. We have faceless robots used to over throw another nation. Get this…instead of mars they go to Asia by means of a huge elevator. That goes through the middle of earth. Yeah I know. Lame. The presentation of the movie is great. The world they present is very convincing. I enjoyed the ride they gave me. Sadly it wasn’t spectacular. It had its moments. I did enjoyed the little tid bit of the Obama face on the $100 bill.

This movie is not worth the dollar of admission. I give it a C+. They did a great job capturing the updated feel of the future but lost the true meaning of the original movie. A remake shouldn’t stray to far from what made it a cult classic. Sorry. This was a Fail.