Naruto Shippuuden Mega review 272,273 & 274

So I know I have been slipping on my reviews but can you blame me. So much ramen to consume! So instead I gathered up all the episodes that I missed and had me a mini Narutoathon.

So Lets start with the shinobi brother from another mother. Somehow I felt wanting more from this fight. I mean the back story was pretty cool. You know young ninja honing his skills for the right time to show his worth. Getting pwn’d by Hanzo wasn’t cool but it made him a beastly samurai. So beastly that his blade is as sharp as his technique. Literally. Dude totally pwn’d the Zombie Hanzo. The interesting thing about this episode is even thought Orichimaru boyfriend can reanimate the dead he can’t shut them up. I mean the old Granny puppet master lady was just vomiting secrets while fighting. She was like “The salamander lizard takes 15 minutes to produce venom.” So I guess he may have to find a jutsu to shut them up. So anywho the samurai guy cuts Hanzo in the usual ninja way. You know they both rush at each other and both slice at the same time. The stronger sword wins. Like the Japanese showdown. So Hanzo lost and realized through a very lengthy dialog that he lost his edge. I mean these writers know how to pad up an episode.
Which brings me to this pad fest of an episode. Choji. Ugh…..this was one thse episodes I thank God for fast forward. Really. I mean I get it. Choji don’t want to fight his DEAD SENSEI Asuma Sarutobi. Shikimaru and Ino done ready to finish it but NOOOOO Choji want to be the fat sensitive type. So you know in the great naruto fashion we get to see why he such a marshmallow. Trust me it was so touching they decided to dedicate 2 full episodes to it. I mean really. Do I really have to know why this young man is so important. Well you know in the narutoverse every ninja is important. Even the grunts who die seamlessly are important. For example when the third hokage son used the fire smoke jutsu and burnt up one of the ninjas. A photo of his wife and new born child was in his hand. Which you know can easily be a back story for something later. Best believe that child will grow up with some hatred for something and decide to kill his whole family because he killed his daddy. Hmm sound like a douche bag I know. Anyway episode 274 we have Choji being controlled by Ino cause he is to much of a punk to fight his DEAD SENSEI. Eventually Choji unlocks his inner strength and received the title as the 16th Head of Akimichi. Which allowed him to beast out and grow chakra wings.
So you ask can Naruto get any better. Well yeah cause we see for the next episode Naruto wants to “go outside”. As you know Lady Hinata and the Ninja Alliance don’t want “Tobi” to find him or Killer Bee. So we know what is gonna happen. Well actually those who read the manga know what will happen. I personally have an idea but I like watching it unfold to me.
So till the next episode stay frosty!


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