Through the drought of gaming in Germany there is a show going on right now as I type this spreading the good news of gaming. So much news to talk about right now such little time. Let me start off with some FPS news.

Killzone Mercenary

Looks interesting. Coming out for the PSvita. Good news for me. The PS Vita catching dust right now. Here is another big title coming out for the PSvita.

So that is on the FPS front. There was another game I caught for gamescom. It is called the Puppeteer. Looks pretty awesome if you ask me. Here is a clip.

Now a Gamescom would not be complete without a new cool character trailer from Injustice. I am really digging this game.

There was many more games announced. Once I get the time to get a list going I will bring them here and keep you informed.

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