Guild Wars 2: A new kind of MMO

So this is it. The time has come for a new type of MMO. The first Guild Wars was very good but didn’t have that much traction. Well with WOW aka World of Warcrack had all the addicts with a tight grip. That grip is slowly being loosed. With the Free to Play option people still find other means of getting their MMORPG itch scratched. I speak of the infamous private servers of WOW.

So which brings me to this gem of a game that have the MMO community by storm. Great action gameplay and awesome graphics also. Not the cartoonish dribble we had to deal with since 2004. Yes WOW been out for a long time. Don’t get me wrong. That game made me enjoy the days being a zombie. Now after all other MMO’s have tried to take the crown this one seem to do what many have failed to do.

So my friend Neel Authorious aka MMORPG guru gave me the skinny on the beta run of Guild Wars 2.

Remember back some six or seven years ago when you first started WoW and it was all so exciting? Ya that feeling has been chopped up into little bits and flushed. Aion, Rift and even the new Tera are basically all the same more or less. Guild Wars 2 on the other hand has something different.
For me, and most other MMO gamers, the questing and the leveling grind are what turned us off from all the above games. It’s been done in WoW (for a long, long time) and it’s now a pain. How many of us really take the time to read each quest and get absorbed in the story…right. Most of us now are media consumers…go to the movies, watch the movie and leave. Everything around us is to consume: The tablets and all the new phones out there have molded us to consume. So NCSOFT saw that coming and made a game that allows us to consume.
Guild Wars 2 brings a whole new set up with a different way of doing quests that’s fun, exciting and well thought out. It feels like you are consuming a movie and taking part at the same time. The weapons and spells are very different. Its a whole new way of playing. I really enjoyed playing the beta and will be playing this full time at launch. Full detailed review on GW2 soon.

So if he said that he likes it I am sold. I agree with him about the story behind WOW. I don’t even know what the main story is about. I know I am a gopher. Get 5 rabbit skins. Get 10 silk webs. Kill 10 rabid wolves. I am even getting a PC rig for this game. You know after I pwn people in BF3 I can kick back and enjoy some MMORPG sweetness. The great thing about this I don’t have to pay $15 a month to enjoy it. Buy the game and get my monies worth. So when Neel get the game sure to keep it locked for an in depth review.

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