When I woke up this morning and checked my daily feeds on Facebook I saw that my fellow member of the HTKU clan Muck posted the good news. Tucked away neatly in the PSN Store is the Youtube App. Now you say what is so special about a Youtube app on the PS3. Um let me see

  1. You don’t have to use the God awful browser
  2. You can use the Lean Back Feature
  3. You can use your smart phone as a remote
  4. Watch all your favorite vids in HD on your PS3
  5. All of this is for FREE. YES FREE.

So does it work. Yes it works like a dream. I followed the directions to pair my smartphone and linking it to my youtube account. Which let me tell you was very easy. When Sony announced that they will be merging with Android I thought that this was another epic fail waiting to happen. But now that I look at it I am seeing the light, Hopefully they will do more than just port crappy games to all the devices. But use the PS3 as a media power house. Sorry Xbox 360 owners. As usual you have to pay for stuff. Not hating on them. Just I don’t have the cash flow to pay for something I can get free. Yes we all know that the online experience is 100 times more awesome on the Xbox 360. But slowly the PS3 is catching up. I wonder if they will use some kind of move support. Imagine me waving the glowing dildo wand at my screen to watch videos. That would be epic. Well anyway if you love youtube I highly recommend you download this right now from the PSN store. You can’t lose with Free.