Naruto Shippuuden 275 Review

This was some good ramen. I mean I nearly shed a man tear. This episode to me in my opinion was very dramatic. It showed the heart of the matter. Basically the name of the episode. Naruto while training with Killer Bee felt the presence of the chakra of another nine tailed beast. Which was the Resurrection of the two brothers. Now even Killer Bee realized that Naruto gonna find out that there is a war going on. Then it happens. Naruto walked out the training room with Killer Bee and things get interesting fast.Naruto is met by his first teacher. They have a lil convo then bam. My boy bust through like a Boss. Then the shadow jutsu grabbed him. The teacher start to appeal to his better nature. Now this is where we get the flash backs. I love these flash backs cause they give you a deeper insight of these ninjas we love to watch. Not gonna bore you with the flashback details but it was when naruto spoke to nagato about breaking the curse of war. You know naruto being the prodigal son to bring peace prophesied by Pervy Sage.

We at War..Challenge Accepted!!

So anyway as they exchanged words my boy Naruto had to remind them that he ain’t no toy. Just like that he went into nine tail mode and BOOM. He was gone. Not even the parasites form the Bug Ninja could of hold him down. Shadow jutsu…get outta here with that lol. I mean do they know who they messing with. This is Naruto Uzumaki. The son of the fastest Ninja. AKA the fourth Hokage. AKA Saskue killer lol.

After that  Iruka Umino, Naruto First teacher asked Killer Bee to guard him. Killer Bee let him know that Naruto kept him in his heart and as Naruto is escaping found the note Iruka left him in his headband. Stating how he have faith in him and blah blah blah. All in all they love each other and wants him to come back alive. So Killer bee and Naruto go breaking the barrier and bust out. Although the episode ended there we all got a sneak peak of the next episode. TOBI BUST OUT THE GEDO STATUE!!! What better way for Naruto to flex his muscle but on the man himself. So it showed Choji going toe to toe with the Gedo Statue. EPIC!! I mean thursday need to come ASAP. So till the next time stay frosty.

Like a Boss Killer Bee bust through



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