Interview with Cardiff

So I finally got a chance to chat with the fellow gamer that went to the VGX game tournament recently. Here is how it went.


How was the experience of the VXG games?


The overall experience of Caribbean Video X Games was just awesome, hype and memorable along with moments of ‘Dude, that just happened’, ‘OMG’ and the Dominican Republic’s catch phrase ‘OK’. It’s just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself as you get to St. Maarten and just feel the genuine atmosphere of the island. When I arrived, I thought to myself “Wait, I’m still in Tortola?”, but then realized that I wasn’t. It felt similar to Tortola like I was right at home, so I know I was in a good place. From meeting new people and making friends, to gaming in the morning and partying in the night, what more could a gamer ask for?



One of the most memorable experiences for me was getting to know all of the gamers there at VXG, playing them at their game and just taking in every moment that happened. Aruba, Barbados, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Curacao, Dominican Republic, France, Guadeloupe, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Croix, St. Eustatius, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, USA and U.S. Virgin Islands came together to throw down and party hard, mission complete. Friendships were made and long-lasting relationships have been established. Basically for the time we were there, we took over St. Maarten hands down, no questions asked. I got to take some pictures with some of my new friends, gamers and pros, so I got memories to last a lifetime.


Was the competition fierce?


The competition at VXG was tough all around. The gaming talent was amazing, a sight to behold. Since I played the fighting games at the tournament, the competition was the Dominican Republic team and they brought it tenfold in all of them.


As a result, they won the overall tournament and Coco Crossover was chosen as the sponsorship player by DMG. Congratulations, Lenny! I’ve played a few of them in matches and they’re good, I got owned by them but I also got a few tips from them as well, so I’m not mad for losing (but I’ll be back next year).


Trinidad and Tobago players had a good performance in the fighting games as well, making it to top 8 in some of the games. The Aruba team had a good showing of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, they got me interested in trying it and I did. I just learned the basics and played a few matches against them. I got my behind handed to me, but that’s good when you play with new friends.


I also played some of the locals of St. Maarten and I did pretty well against them, like Emran Charles who’s one of the top fighters (we have a rematch to settle). Some of them were amazed that I pulled off some combos or won matches against them, so I assume next time those same eyes will be on me (or someone who looks like me). Fierce competition drives the player to be at their peak and beyond that.


How was the Host?


The Caribbean Video X Games team was gracious and hospitable from start to finish. When the gamers arrived from their respective islands, they waited for us at the airport, treated us to Pizza (well-needed) and drove us to the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort and Casino. On arrival, gamers were given gift bags which were a pleasant surprise and we checked into the hotel and then register for the tournament. During that time, we got to get some games before the 1st party of the night, which was just awesome and there on afterwards. These guys were good examples of how you treat your guests when you come to a new destination.


This shows me that VXG takes care of its gamers like one of their own family and make sure that everyone was having a good time. Thank you Caribbean Video X Games team for your hospitality and inviting us to St. Maarten. I’m already thinking on coming again sometime soon (checking the calendar for the next available date, before the New Year 2013).


How were the parties?


Words can’t describe what was experienced at the VXG parties. One thing’s for sure, these guys here know how to throw a party. Every night was something different and the musical artists that performed were amazing. From DJ OutKast, DJ WaxFiend, Suppa Kid, Rupee, The Red Eye Crew and Orange Grove, St. Maarten wasn’t short of good times and great music.


You can just feel the good vibrations as you party with your new friends as well as the locals of St. Maarten, since they regularly hang out at the venues. The parties were held at Soggy Dollar Bar, Prive Hookah Lounge, Tantra Nightclub and Philipsburg Boardwalk. I’m already looking forward to VXG 2013 parties. Rolando, where the party at?


Did you feel like you can become the champ next year?


Ever since Caribbean Video X Games 2012, something just I felt this urge in me to just up my game even more than ever. Seeing all the gaming talent of my fellow Caribbean players and the US players has inspired me to train even more and up my game. I know for a fact that everyone is working on getting better from now until VXG 2013, not just the champions.


I’ve learned a lot from the tournament and put it into practice like better setups, new strategies and mix-ups, controlling the match, being predictable and etc. Also, I got my friends here who I train with to give me tips and information on what I can do to improve my game. Although I didn’t win, I was in top 8 of Street Fighter x Tekken, so I know I can do it. They were by my side then and I know they’ll be there again for when I need them.


If all goes according to plan, it’s possible that I could be the next champion of VXG 2013. It won’t be easy I tell you, but I’ll give it everything I got.


Do you feel that more BVI competitors need to go next year and why?


I feel that more BVI players should come out to this event and see what they can do. I know for a fact that we got some gaming talent in the BVI and it needs to be seen, not just from me alone. The BVI FGC has some awesome talent like Kevon, Jermaine, K’nal, Akim and Nick just to name a few. I train with these guys and we help each other out in some many ways, I thank them for their time to help me level up my game. I’ll be more thankful if they show up for VXG 2013.


But the BVI FGC isn’t the only ones that play hard, the FPS clans are here to show their marksmanship and shooter skills. The clans that I know of in the BVI are HTKU (Hard Times Kill Unit) like Ruscle and Timothy and the ICY. If there are more clans in the BVI, let yourself be recognized.


 And if that’s not enough, we also got the Sports players here who like NBA 2K12 and FIFA 2012, so the gaming goodness doesn’t stop.


On another note, it’s also about coming to the island for the event and getting to meet these great people you’ll be gaming and partying with for a few days. You can have an idea of what St. Maarten is about and everything it has to offer, also a good vacation retreat to get away from the everyday.


So BVI players, it’s our time to show what we got at VXG 2013. I’ll say the competition is good for you, put yourself to the test and see what you’re made of, I did and so can you.


Are you going next year?


This is a no brainer, but I’ll answer it anyway. I WILL DEFINITELY BE ATTENDING VXG 2013, GOD’S WILLING. I don’t want to miss out on this event, you mad? If you’re not going to VXG 2013, you’ll be missing out on one of the summer’s best events. Not only will the event be bigger and better than 2012, but the venue will reflect the awesomeness of this tournament. Also, there’ll be more pros coming there along with our fellow Caribbean players attending and making new friends in the process, so why wouldn’t I go?


Caribbean Video X Games St. Maarten 2013 will be held at Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino on July 11, 2013. For more information, you can get in contact with the Vice President and Chief Coordinator of Caribbean Video X Games St. Maarten Rolando Brison via Facebook or the Caribbean Video X Games St. Maarten Facebook page. As they say ‘save the date’, this will be an event to remember for many years to come.


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