iStorm Isaac

Fellow Caribbean Gamers we are upon that time once again. Where we have to be under subjection to the weather. If you are not prepared and get caught with your pants down many casualties may come. You can lose your TV, PS3, Xbox 360 and even your Wii. So please when the storm is howling don’t be stupid. Unplug the electronics and whip out the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita. My fellow HTKU Clan member set up a survival kit just for gamers.

As you can see everything that one would need for couple days of no electricity is here. As you know my friends in the USA don’t know nothing about hurricanes. They just hear about it. We deal with this every year. We Ford tough. So whip out the generator and can food. From what most are predicting this year gonna be rough.

Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico: Occasional heavy squalls are expected to begin Wednesday afternoon and continue through late Thursday. Wind gusts of 55 mph to 65 mph possible in the heavier squalls.

Here is a youtube vid of some chick talking about it.

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  1. Man I hope I have power for the GW2 launch…you know how BVIEC like to shut off the power as soon as a cow farts too hard next to a pole or something…


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