My boy Glen linked me with this clip from Yahoo News and was I shocked! Did the Avengers ruffled the Justice League feathers! DC comics been rebooting the Justice league and made this official. The Man of Steel couldn’t hold his feelings much longer. The New 52 is the new comic reboot series. Guess what…Superman will not be waking up from a dream and still be with Lois Lane. This what it will be. They are the new couple. Can you imagine what their babies will be like. Maybe they will do what they did back in the day when they had Super Girl. You know that spin off series with the Dark Knight.

Funny as I am here downloading DC Universe Online to rekindle my Super hero Alter Ego this news drops in my lap. DC making me want to start reading their line of comics. Should I slow down on my Deadpool daily reading. All I want to know is will Batman finally shack up with Cat Woman. Will the Flash finally get a movie. Will the Green Lantern go back in the closet? All these questions bother me. So when this issue drop I will definitely  check it out. I wonder if they gonna do it in the invisible jet…. on the invisible bed. Epic. Till later will be here geeking out!