Now we cooking with some gas. The main man Tobi showed up. Just when the Allied Ninja Force thought they was winning BAM! He rolled in like a Boss. The Gedo Statue punk these man up like they was little G.I. Joe toys form the 1980’s. So what cause this mass exodus. What made Tobi to roll out like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Killer Bee and Naruto. These two Jinchurikin cause the battle to shift into high gear. The weird plant dude that found the Feudal Lords sensed them and told Tobi. Like gasoline on a camp fire things got crazy fast. Tobi saw the opportunity to get the Brothers who shared the nine tails chakra. Interesting enough Shikimaru used his shadow possession to hold Tobi down for a few seconds. As you know Tobi like to run his mouth sometimes. Allowing Shikimaru to find out his scheme. Tobi seemed to like the Sherlock Holmes of the narutoverse. The Gedo Statue ended that conversation very quickly by stomping on him. Don’t worry Choji saved him. Now when word got to Granny Tsunade and the Raikage they decided to intercept Naruto and Killer Bee. Now what can a one arm man and a granny do to stop my brother form another anime mother. Naruto is much stronger than most people think.

Not even all those Saskue fans can convince me that Naruto would lose to Saskue. Even with his brothers eyes. Itashi is the best out of the both of them. Because of my Manga reading friends they told me he will be making a cameo. I hate spoilers. Another interesting point from this episode is Orichimaru boyfriend. He grabbed the rocks from his game board and the dead but alive ninjas went right back in the boxes. He claim to play along with Tobi. He felt that Tobi is rushing things. Personally I think Tobi is gonna kill him soon. He thinks Tobi is dumb but he been around for a while. We know this from earlier episodes when he took over the nine tails and other flash backs. I don’t know why he wants to put everyone under a spell to produce a false sense of peace but hey to each villain his own. The other episode seem to be a very interesting episode. Looks like Naruto gonna have another chat with the Nine Tails. You confronting his demon. Literally. I like the chat he have with the Nine Tails. They always prove to be thought provoking and interesting. So till the next episode stay frosty!!