Yes Yes fellow Nerds. So what is happening right now. Star Wars Celebration VI. This is when many Star Wars fans get together and worship the works of George Lucas classic tale of Star Wars. So what new is coming from this celebration that we haven’t seen a gajillion times. Well the guys who brought us Robot Chicken is doing a new cartoon series call Star Wars Detour. Here is the trailer.

I know it isn’t as funny. Here is a comment from the Youtube page that explains exactly how I feel about it.

I feel like every joke in this show I’m being winked and some guys saying “get it get it” at the whole time.

Cale Smith

On a more serious note there is also a running series called Star Wars The Clone Wars. It shows on Cartoon Network and is in the 5th season. Doing Well it is. Strong is the force have it. Here is the trailer for the 5th season.

Pretty epic stuff. Yes it is a hype train but still good. Looking forward to watching it. I downloaded every episode. One of these days I will watch it from season 1 to season 4. Until then I can assume Star Wars will be around for a very long time.