Was watching BBC for no reason this morning and saw some chick singing. Then to my surprise at the bottom left hand corner a ticker counting down the time for a new Doctor Who episode!!! Finally the season premiere of the eleventh doctor is here. I mean so much questions unanswered since the last episode. You know the wedding of river song. The last thing they left me with is ” Silence will fall when the question is asked”. You want to know what the question is…..”Who is the Doctor?” Epic!!! I mean they already revealed who River Song is. She and her spoilers…but now we can dig deeper into the who universe once again. Will the Doctor have a new companion? Will we see the Daleks? Will they answer the question of really who is Dr. Who? Will the Doctor have a baby with River Song? Well the last question is just stupid cause I doubt the doctor want to waste his time with such trivial things…or maybe he do.. But anyway I am a total geek for Dr. Who. So if you are like me and can’t wait till saturday then jump on the hype train with me and take a spin in the Tardis with the eleventh doctor. The new premiere shows September 1st 2012 around 7:20 on BBC One. You done know I will be downloading that episode as it drop. With a epic review later!!