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Asylum of the Daleks Review By: Martin Hooie

As season 6 closed with Dorium screaming “Doctor Who?!” before the final stinger that, I admit, gave me goose bumps, Whovians settled in for a long year without Doctor Who. We’ve seen the rumors of the new companion and the Ponds’ departure but very few details about the show’s return, just that it will return in 2012.

Well Saturday, September 1st on BBC in the UK and BBC America in the States, the Daft Old Timelord and his mysterious Blue Box came whirring back into our lives like he often does with the first new Doctor Who episode in 11 months, Asylum of the Daleks.

Without giving too much away, Asylum of the Daleks is about the Doctor being commissioned by the Daleks to travel into a Dalek insane asylum and turn off a force field so the Daleks can blow…

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