Nintendo: Why its Fans Suffer from Harvey Dent-ism


Recently I had a huge argument with some of my gamer friends. Of course you know what I am talking about. The never ending battle of console wars. Now I remembered this blog on which is the sister site wrote exactly what we were arguing about.

Ahhh Harvey Dent! i often wondered if you played Videogames would you have been a Nintendo Fanboy?

The reason i ask is because i think your the absolute Icon Of such a Fan it seems, well not to generalize but here are some obvious qualities of what i Like to Call Harvey Dent-ism or also known as Two Face.

Lets Look at the prerequisite for being a Nintendo fan.

1. Always claim your love for a Nintendo Franchise!

2. Never Play or finish any of the games your profess you love!

3. Claim Nintendo innovated everything!  (Like Nintendo Invented analog Stick)

4. Claim no one else innovated anything.  (Even though 1985 Sega’s space harrier had true analog)

5. Always say one Thing. (like tablets suck and has no place in Gaming)

6 And then Mean another (like Wii U tablet controller is incredibly innovative)

7. Always Claim Nintendo is Dominating. (with Japanese sales no less)

8. Never explain why they reported a quarterly lost.

9.  Always play the same games over and over.

10. Never try a new game without recommendation.

11. Always play other consoles.

12. Always Criticize those very consoles.

13. Never play a Nintendo product.

14. Always profess your love for a Nintendo product.

15. Call other people who pawn you names.

16. Start calling people sinners when other do the same.

17. Play and finish games you supposedly Hate!  (Like God of War)

18. Never play Games you grew up with and love till this day!  ( Like Kid Icarus or the latest Mario)

19. Make Crazy claims and mark your word about them (like Nintendo will force Sony and MS’s hands)

20. And Never Own up to them (The Wii-U will launch and both Sony and MS have not announced anything)

So these i find are the prerequisites of Being a Nintendo Fan. There are far more thing that i left out but i could always add them in the future. So please go through the list see if you posses any of these redeeming qualities and see if you fit the bill as a person in denial!


So as you can see my friend Bash wrote exactly my point. Do I hate Nintendo? Not really. I feel that Nintendo forsake the hardcore gamers and went with the casual gamer. Now there was a NDP report stating that there has been a decline in console gamers. Where a huge shift happened. They all moved to the mobile gaming market. Hmm I wonder who that could be. Maybe the millions of Wii owners tired of the Wii Sports and other gimmicky games. All I am saying is the faithful few still defending Nintendo need to know one thing. Don’t defend something that don’t care about you. Once the Wii -U drop I will see how the masses react to it. Will they embrace it or just go buy the new iPad or other Apple product. Hopefully Samsung won’t be sued for the Nexus 7. You know how Apple stay.

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