iPhone 5…..yep

So after looking at my favorite Tech Gadget nerd here I made my decision. How long will Apple continue doing this. I mean yes the fans will always buy it no matter what. But when will the reinvent the wheel once again. I was hoping that this would be the jump needed for me to go back to apple. I guess that time will come another time. With NFC and better Cameras available on the market now I thought Apple would do something revolutionary. Living here in the BVI we don’t have LTE. We barely got 4G. So if you have the 4S it don’t make sense buying this iPhone. If you own a high end Android phone I wouldn’t buy it. I miss Steve Jobs. He was a perfectionist. He always knew how to be on the cutting edge. Soon Apple better do something before they are catching up to Android…


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5…..yep

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  1. This device is fail…on top of that you see those circle icons on the new ipod nano? Ya looks like the PS Vita icons no? TAKE THEM TO COURT SONY!!!!!! 10 billion!!…OK I’m calm now…all good. So ya I’m one of those who aint got anything against Apple but I’m not going to suck their sack either. IMO the crackphone is still not worth it.


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