Saw this list and thought It is good to own a Vita now lol


Hello everyone,  The PS Vita is about to enter its first holiday season on the market, and it is bound to be a big one for the young console. Luckily there’ll be an influx of heavy-hitters coming out for it that should make things a lot more interesting for the gamers who already own the system, and the new ones coming on board. I’ve compiled a list of the  games coming out for the PS Vita from now up until the end of the year, (given the world does exist pass “dooms day” of course)

September 25, 2012 will see the release of the much anticipated Little Big Planeton the PS Vita. We’re not talking about a mere port of the console version here folks, this is a new game built from the ground up to make full use of the PS Vita‘s new controls…

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