Naruto Shippuuden 279 review

 I know I am late for this but better late than never. So the White Zetsu clones. What a pesky bunch. These man have nothing better to do but be a blight to the Allies Ninja force. To tell you the truth I really believe out of all the members of the Akatsuki he must be the only one Tobi trust. I mean really. This whole thing reminds me of Star Wars the Clone Wars. Yeah I said it. Lucky for us George Lucas don’t watch Anime…or does he.

Well any who this episode was quite interesting. We get to see team Kurenai in action. I must say that every character in the Narutoverse really do carry weight. Not just some support characters for Naruto. They all have a place set just for them. I really enjoyed this episode because it showed no matter how much intel the enemy can have on individuals, good ole fashion detective skills triumphs. So as you know I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you if you haven’t seen it but will say this. This episode brings us closer to the big fight that will ensue shortly. I am not sure about the douche bag Saskue but I know Itashi and Pain will have a chance to strut their stuff really soon. Also I really want to know when Naruto and Killer Bee will join up in the war. I mean how far can they be. So much things going on when will be able to see it all. I know most people read the manga and brag about it like a kindergarten child. I guess I can take a peek but I rather wait and see. I am like a old British man. Sip my tea and enjoy the moment. So till next the ramen filled Thursday stay frosty!!

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