So while I was checking one of my favorite sites which is totally awesome. I saw this interesting blog by Bash which got me thinking. Here is the blog

We know Reggie, its not in your hands but the pricing of your new game controller is absolutely insane!!

Even though your Gamepad is practically useless without the console i cant help but think about how badly these guys are ripping you off considering a Nexus 7 tablet cost only $199.00. Absurd!! lol

Replacing damaged GamePads is set to cost Wii U owners “a fee,” Nintendo revealed today. Last week the company disclosed that Wii U is launching in North America without additional GamePads available at retail, and that damaged GamePads can be replaced via Nintendo’s customer service. Today, however, Nintendo told Polygon this replacement service isn’t free.

Nintendo didn’t disclose any further details, nor did the company elaborate on the future price of additional GamePads when those become available. In Japan, an additional GamePad is retail priced at ¥13,440 ($173). The Wii U launches in North America on November 18, priced at $300 for the 8GB Basic set and $350 for the 32GB Premium set.…


So by this logic we all know that Nintendo want to whore us once again with gimmicky controllers. The Wii had its share of controllers. Wii balance board anyone. Hmm what happened to the heart beat monitor controller… Anyway I can see that the Wii-U gonna try to exploit the casual gamer market to make another profit but I think that ship done sail already. They better do a great job calling back the hardcore gamers cause we done fed up of them and their quick fix games. Why would I spend my money to buy Black ops for the Wii-U when ALL MY FRIENDS ARE ON PSN AND XBOX. Not to mention no one have been able to show me how the Nintendo Online component work out. The demo of the black ops 2 game for the Wii-U was against Bots. EPIC FAIL!!! Show me real online gameplay. Show me how people on the Nintendo interact with other nintendo players. Do we exchange codes? Do we look for Miis? Do we hang around in a room and hope we randomly meet our friends? Look I don’t hate the Wii-U. Just not gonna fork over $400 to them AGAIN and watch it catch more dust like my Wii.