Well it is going down hill once again. We have entered the winter time once again. The time when fluff episodes parade in front of me. As usual I try to survive by looking at the most interesting plot of each episode and devour it. So what was so special about this episode. Nothing. Yes we learned that Deidara like man. Oh sorry he is an artist. He was upset that Saskue lived through his explosion. Boo Hoo. Dude get a grip. Well this episode also showed me that Samurais are AWESOME!! I mean yes the ninjas have skills and stuff. But the Samurai are resourceful and go hard.

The next episode is gonna be one to really NOT LOOK FORWARD TO! The moms of the hidden village. Really. Ugh someone please tell me that we will see some action soon. I don’t think I can stand another season of fluff. I already started to watch Sword Art Online aka SOA. The anime is ok but should suffice till the winter time is done. I gave up on Fairy Tail. Just getting really weird and dumb since they went to sleep then woke up 7 years later. Not really a smart move. I heard also the the Naruto Manga is heating up with some good ramen. Not gonna peek. Will wait to the end. So till next time stay frosty!!