Clan Battles HTKU in BF3

So my fellow gamers I have put together a little pic mash up of the HTKU clan going hard in the paint. As we speak Blake is putting a video together of our exploits. While my boy muck was playing as usual Blake is doing what he does best……get dem tags lol.

Here we have the main man Birch getting on rude in this squad death match. Not gonna lie I was impressed with his teamwork and keeping the team alive. Which goes to show if you play BF3 as a team properly achieving victory is easy.

As soon as I get a video capture device I would posting game match ups. Here is the last pic of a nice Squad Match.

So here we have just plain out killing. No team Work. Just plain out killing. Sometimes I feel for the people we play against. Sometimes they think we are glitching. Sometimes they think we are cheaters. Don’t they know we just bad like that.

Here is some pics of our fans giving us some heart felt appreciation.

He really did report me. Thank God Dice don’t have time to mind noobs that have no skill.
I get this so much now that I had to rent my own server. I guess it is not right to tea bag the admin. Also Snipe him while parachuting 3 times. While killing his friends with a G18. Then tea bagging them as well. I can see why they would be mad…

So as the time draws closer for the release of Medal of Honor Warfighter I will continue to punish noobs make BF3 a better place for real killers to play. Also I love killing COD Noobs. They are so easy to kill. I mean they run around thinking that they can kill me with a rocket launcher. Don’t they know that this game have bullet drop. Tsk Tsk headshot everytime.





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