So as you can see here that Black Ops 2 is really trying to bring a different spin to what we already love to hate. The new Pick Ten System in Create a Class. Now I wonder how much of this will be used for evil. Yall know what I mean. There is always a flaw in these things. Someone will find the right unbalance to make every one in that game scream at their headset. The fact it is Call of Duty people will swarm by the masses to get it. Now we know Black Ops was the most full featured of the Call of Duty series. The only version to have Offline Multiplayer options that is quite awesome when playing in tournaments or LAN battles. So far I am interested in seeing how this new system will work out in real life. I am not sure if I will be getting it for the PS3. I done know the Xbox Version would be 100 times better. Everyone knows they sleep with the Xbox 360. Thus the reason they get the maps first and whats not. Also most likely they port the game down to the PS3 after making it perfect on the Xbox. Then try to make it work on the PS3 just because they like money. Trust me there will be tons of youtube videos comparing the PS3 version to the Xbox 360. Oh I nearly forgot the Wii-U. To be honest I am not even checking for that. The gimmick of playing on the Wii-u Controller is nice but not enough to make me buy it. I don’t feel like I know much about the online component to make a fair judgment. Also I have to see how playing on that HUGE controller will feel like in my hands. Thing is huge. So the cycle begins for another Call of Duty game. Only God knows what Modern Warfare 4 will be like.