Any true gamer will tell you that being a gamer is hard. Why? Because the industry loves raping our wallets. They don’t care that the economy is bad. They don’t care that your family misses you while you are in a dark room playing Guild Wars 2 or World of Warcraft Mist of Pandoria expansion. We all love the never changing Call of Duty series that always take our money and leaves us feeling like a bad ting in a bang tight. Never satisfied. Then we go on facebook raging to all our friends.

Nintendo’s new Cash Cow

Don’t get me started with the latest entry to the Next Gen console war. The Nintendo Wii-U will be setting you back at least $400 big ones. You done know we ain’t paying that here in the BVI. Then the price of games is about $70 easy after you do the tax math. I mean what do Nintendo think we are. Rich!

While I was browsing the PSN store I saw that they gone all out with exclusives and Day one digital downloads. Join PSN now and get a discount they say. It is like dangling crack in front of an addict. Make me sick to know I can download all my favorite games at the comfort of my own home. NO PSN! You will not make me buy a card to get one of the most awesome 3D fighting game called Dead or Alive 5!!

Roses are tits. Violets are tits. I like tits.
Tits. Sorry but this game has lots of boobies. Great Fighter.

You know PSN get it first then Xbox 360. So they gonna get you no matter what. But talking about downloadable games on PSN they brought over a PS2 classic. Grand Theft Auto 3. Yes the grand daddy that started the beat a whore revolution. The game that made being bad so good. I really see why my wallet hates me. Sometimes even when the wallet in my PSN account had a few dollars left over from buying Gravity Rush for my PS Vita I found something to spend it on. A server in BF3. Why do they make it SO EASY to spend money. Then recently Sony announced this shiney new headset.

Soon I will have to sell body parts. I just don’t know why they hate me so much. This puppy will set you back $150 easy. I have one thing to say about that.

We are constantly being bombarded with cool stuff to buy. I wish there was something that can be done to help gamers in need. To save us from this viscous cycle. Don’t get me started with the Xbox 360. The superior online service is bar none the most robust I have ever seen on any console. Which we all know IS NOT FREE. That service will allow you to play online with your friends for an easy $50 a year. Trust me you will get your monies worth. They even have Digital Movie services like Netflix and Hulu. Even HBO Go is there. For the Sport buff we got ESPN. All not available in the BVI of course without using a VPN server and some DNS changing. You know that cost money also. Which leads me to the biggest Xbox 360 cash cow since the day it was released on the first Xbox. This game broke up happy homes. This game started the revolution we all know all to well before COD came. This game was what Goldeneye did to nintendo 64. I am only talking about the game that LITERALLY SELLS XBOX 360’s.

Need I say more. This game is epic. Once again I have to find money for this game and all the other games coming out. Medal of Honor Warfighter, Black Ops2, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Assassin Creed 3 and Dishonored to name a few. I know you are wondering why the industry like to rape us. Well to be honest that is why we are Hardcore Gamers. We been there from the time Mario stomped a goomba. When Pong was not just a game. When calling someone a “noob” is worst than calling them a pussy. We are the ones that buy the limited edition just because we want to have it. So get that extra job. Find your sugar daddy. Our wallets are mad but it serves one purpose. To help me frag noobs in BF3 everyday. Stay Frosty!