Batman: The Dark Knight Returns prt 1 Review

This EPIC Animation of the Dark Knight is a must see for any gamer/geek/nerd/fanboy or even a “normal” person. This animation reminds me of the movie RED with Bruce Willis. Being old doesn’t mean weak and feeble. Bruce Wayne still got what it takes to put ya down. While I was watching it I couldn’t help finding the art style and tone very true to the comic. I was teleported to a world where my favorite character grew old and “retired”. Yes the cape crusader hanged up the cape. All the famous villains are either dead or in a vegetative state in Arkham Asylum.

What I would love to state that this isn’t your saturday morning cartoon version of Batman. He is much more darker. Much more blunt. Much more AWESOME. I couldn’t help to notice that Alfred is still around. I mean how old can he be now. Besides that I highly recommend picking this awesome anime up. There will be a part 2 coming soon.This in my opinion was the best thing DC universe spat out in a long time. Here is the trailer. Go check it out.



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