Naruto Shippuuden 283 Review

“You Shall not Pass!” That would of been epic if the Raikage said that. Unfortunately he rather go Dragonball Z on me and try his best to kill Naruto. We got the two brothers Killer Bee and the Raikage having a heated debate about allowing Naruto pass. So they give us some very interesting flash backs that show us a little bit more why he doesn’t want the Jinchurkin at the front lines. At a young age they lost their father in the middle of war. Plunging him into depression. Vowing he will be the best Raikage. Which in my own opinion he is doing a great job so far.  So when Killer Bee try to remind him why it is important to let him pass he gets a brotherly smack down. Which leads to them having a lariat showdown. Now for a guy with only one hand he still packs a punch. They both stood afar cowboy style. Just like pulling a gun they both ran at each other. Arms stretched. They both make contact and came to a stand still. Then BOOM Killer Bee lariat Pwned him. The Raikage with a very surprised look on his face wanted to know WTH happened. Killer Bee explained to him that he ain’t no toy. He be the real deal. Him and Naruto gonna run da route. As you know Granny Tsunade was defending Naruto. She had a flash back when she was up against Kabatu and Naruto put his life on the line for her. She realized pretty quickly that Naruto don’t give up that easily. Then while the Raikage was thinking back he asked Naruto what keeps him fighting. Naruto answered his parents. Which brings both the Hokage and Raikage up to speed about “Tobi” and the Nine Tails incident. Instantly Tsunade realized that Naruto is well informed. They realized that Naruto is the only hope for winning the war. Naruto’s Father and Mother gave him all the tools needed to defeat “Tobi” Then BAM. Raikage went Super Sayian one shot. Killer Bee knew his brother was about to put the smackdown on Naruto. So Naruto decided to make a break for it. Now mind you these man moving fast. Like the flash fast. Then the Raikage came at him with his super fast punch. BOOM! Into a pile of rocks. As the dust settle The son of the fastest Hokage ever dodged it. Now an interesting flash back showed us that Minato (Naruto’s Father) was fighting the Raikage once and was able to dodge his punch. Why? Cause Minato is a beast! Not only did he dodge the punch but was able to teleport behind Killer Bee with a Knife. Epic!! So anyway the Raikage realized that Minato truly lives within Naruto. Thus allowing him to pass.

I loved this episode. It showed me that great things are about to go down. The next episode showed us “Tobi” standing with some dudes that I am to lazy to google about standing with a sharigan and rinnigan eye. So I guess “Tobi” is gonna do something epic. I know it is getting mad crazy on the manga. I won’t talk about that…yet. So till the next episode stay frosty!


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