Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3


When it comes to FPS there are two games that stand out. Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. All the rest FPS are but a shadow under these two Behemoths. Battlefield 3 came out October 25th 2011. Modern Warfare 3 came out November 3rd 2011. So after several months each game has respectively done extremely well. So the burning question is at hand. Which one is better.

I consider myself as a FPS junkie. So each game I played for countless hours. Went through many patches since release and even had my share of all the new maps that came out since then. So if you think I am just some noob who can’t take headshots ya lie.

Lets look at Battlefield 3 first. Seeing how they came out first. This genre of the FPS introduced to us the Frostbite 2 Engine. Destructible environments. Buildings crumbling after wear and tear. Realistic shooter with updated graphics. Vehicles can be used such as boats, jets and tanks. Many types of weapons and classes to choose from to dispose your enemies. The game had all the ingredients for a blockbuster hit. Then came the bugs and other problems that plagued the game. Things wasn’t looking good for the guys at Dice. Luckily they listened to the gamers and sent out a wave of patches and bug fixes. They even started to balance some of the guns that many noobs used to exploit. Then to add to the great turn of events they brought in a way to track your stats for free online called Battlelog. Then they brought out the Premium Membership package that would allow you to receive new maps and guns as they drop.

Now lets look at Modern Warfare 3. This is a running franchise that brought us quick paced action never before seen in a FPS genre. The addition of perks also gave another depth of addiction that only they can do. Every game unlocked points to the next unlock that made you even more destructive. Modern Warfare 3 also has a long list of weapons that also have the ability to be tweaked for your pleasure somewhat. They also have a way of tracking stats with a service called Call of Duty Elite. There is a free version and a premium version that would allow you to post previous games to be posted on youtube. They also had 4 expansive map packs types released over time. Unfortunately Aim Bots and other exploits plague the game. Many exploits are in effect as I write this that haven’t been fixed since release such as lag compensation. I know that it is in many FPS games but it is really horrible in MW3.

So lets get to where things get heated. My opinion on which is better and why. I prefer BF3* over MW3*. My reasons why are simple. In MW3 there is no strategy. Just pray and spray. Maps are small. Graphics are dated. Some guns are over powered than others which lead to the masses using it constantly. Frag spamming. That is when all someone does is throw frags and stun grenades constantly. Because the maps are not that large it is possible to do this early in the match as you spawn. Infinity Ward do not listen to the gamers. Period. Now in BF3 they have a variety of map sizes. From small to epic. Your in a match and someone is sniping you all the time and you want to adjust your gun to suit the situation is possible during the game match. Not in MW3. You have to wait till the match is over to adjust any perks or add-ons for your gun.

Now lets talk about the graphics. MW3 fail on all fronts. Very bland and lifeless. Explosions everywhere and all we have happen is

Poor guy mistaken pure skill for an Aimbot. Clearly MW3 lost any sort of skills needed to play. Player was Nia-Bingie just beasting on dem 

a blackspot on the wall that eventually disappear as you run away from it. BF3 when a wall is laced with explosives things happen. Sometimes if a boulder lands on your head you die from it. Which adds a depth of strategy for the different game types. MW3 lacks any kind of strategy. Most gamers are in clans. I feel that MW3 have the Rambo syndrome. One man army. Points for killing. That is it. Brain dead strategy. BF3 gives players the option to be what their class calls them to be. A recon gets points for spotting enemies on the map. Assault class receive points for reviving team mates and so forth. In MW3 all one must do is kill. No matter what gun or class you use is all up to what you feel comfortable with.

I can even go in depth about the hit markers for each game. In MW3 I have a friend who is what we call a quick scope shooter. He can shoot you with a Sniper rifle without even having the gun pointing at you.

The hit marker in MW3 is huge. Which mean it is easier to get a headshot than in BF3. In BF3 we have what is called bullet drop. Depending on the distance the bullet loses power and velocity. So if you are 300m away and gonaa shoot at someone it is wise to raise the gun at least a centimeter above their head. That way when you shoot the bullet will hit the mark. MW3 is just point and shoot. Now some would tell me that they feel BF3 is slow. I would tell them that playing MW3 with certain perks makes you near super human. Which brings me to the main reason why I can’t stand playing MW3 now. Killstreaks. Campers who depend on Killstreaks for kills than using good ole fashion killing with a knife or gun. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy playing a balanced game with great players who ENJOY playing the game. Not these MW3 noobs who rather use every exploit they can find on youtube to make a great game into something I use for a frisbee. The one thing BF3 is doing right now that is hurting the game is the custom servers. God knows I get kicked out of rooms constantly because I raped an admin.

These Admins be catching way to much feelings…

I feel BF3 players are just to soft. Sometimes I get killed from my own teammate which is often because I am playing the game well. Same goes for MW3. The minute you are doing well the messages come in from other players who complain about using an Aimbot. Sometimes the fact is they just suck and hate it when they get owned.

Another reason why I prefer BF3 over MW3 is the lack of innovation from each game. BF3 added more depth since Bad Company 2. The similarity between MW2 and MW3 is so minimal that you can easily say that all they did was added new maps, guns and popped it out. There are more reasons I can talk about but I will just say that I feel FPS gamers realize the short comings of MW3 and hope they do better in the next run of MW4. Dice announced Battlefield 4 coming in 2013. Only time will tell if they bring something awesome to the table. Will MW4 bring something fresh to the franchise. They better because I personally don’t think they can repackage MW3 to us gamers and call it MW4. Treyarch is bringing to us Black Ops2. Many Call of Duty Fans really loved the first one. So I can see this game becoming a hit. Well for me I will be getting Medal of Honor: Warfighter. That game is what happens when BF3 and MW3 had sex and got a baby. So this game should prove to be interesting. I know this is a long blog but I always wanted to talk about the two titans of the FPS genre. Till next time stay frosty!

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