I loved this episode! Why? Easy cause I got to see the copy cat ninja owned a big nose ninja like he was a chunin! I mean besides the fact we got to see Sai shed some emotions. Lots of interesting stuff in this episode.

Let me start with Sai. We all know from a young age he was trained not to show emotions. We finally see the reason why. Danzo in

This dude really need to get laid.

his infinite evil wisdom wanted to harness that power of emotion just in case the reanimation jutsu reared its ugly head again. We done know when Orichimaru brought back the first and second hokage everybody and dem grandmother was like “OMG”. So Danzo saw it fit to have a spade in his deck of cards. That spade was Sai. So when Kakashi told Sai to use the sealing jutsu old memories started to flow back on top of his mind. To make matters worse Kakashi told Rock Lee to be his bodyguard. We all know that boy is just over. He goes over board about everything. So as the morning sun rose Kabatu sent out the scrubs. Yes these ninjas caught them off guard. Picking them off one by one. Great strategy if you ask me. Cause if you are less best you take them down in small bunches. So as confusion started to hit the camp the main man Kakashi analyzed the situation one time. Thank God he was there cause dem low level ninjas was gonna get pwned! So when the word was set out they began to regroup and we was taken to the support troops. Just then this big nose ninja with a cleaver and hammer was tearing stuff up. I mean he was just mowing these fools down. Just when he was gonna finish them off Kakashi drop down like a beast. Using Zabuza sword he ready himself to teach this man why they call him the copy cat ninja. I just love his technique. The longer you fight him the more he learns your moves. So once he catch your pattern it is over. So while he was fighting Sai had to get his crap together. Now I won’t lie sometimes I zone out when it comes to all the feelings and speeches. That I will just skip over and say Sai sealing Jutsu is pretty cool. I mean the one where they wrap you in tissue paper looks lame. The Tiger coming out and grabbing you looks even more fierce. The look on that ninja face being sucked was priceless. Sai is the ninja ghost buster lol!!! They should have a theme song for him when he comes to do his sealing jutsu.

Another great episode. I am just enjoying the series thus far and continue to look forward to the next episode. They giving us a lot of back story to some of the other characters which is great. It shows how vast and deep the narutoverse is. I don’t see this coming to a close anytime soon. As long as they can keep writing great manga people will keep reading and watching the anime for a very long time. Till next time stay frosty!