As you can see the gamers are coming out and supporting Carib Gamer and Repvi at the first ever Midterm Break Weekend Jam. Saturday was amazing. We had many legends passing through. We had new challengers passing through also. I really feel like that the gaming community in the BVI needs that jump start to get the recognition it needs. To let the other caribbean islands know we are not just gonna lay down and be known as a weak island of gamers. Gonna put HTKU, Clu7ch and IcY clan on the map. So as you know I spoke about the N64 passing through. Well it did and you know I never really remember Goldeneye to be so….um slow. I mean after playing it for a while I can see how far we came in the FPS department.

Yes we had to blow the cartridge couple times.

The nostalgia wore of quickly once I got owned couple times. I won’t lie I do still love my goldeneye. I just will only remember the good times we had. Don’t want to taint it. There was another game that got some attention. A game that I thought I wouldn’t like. I was hard pressed to see myself enjoying it but I did. We had the All Star Battle Royal Beta on our hands. Compliments of Blake and his Plus membership. Played one game and lost. Then the second game we learned how to destroy our enemies. I really enjoyed myself. Playing with a friend was quite the experience. I mean I know it is a smash brothers clone but it really does come close to the fun we use to have playing Smash Brothers.

That is what they get messing with the HTKU Clan!

Playing BF3, Blur, Ninja Turtles, Dead or Alive 5, Street Fighter X Tekken and even Mario Kart Wii was just a few games we played. I plan to keep this rolling. We also plan to d a NBA Jam tournament. Yes and many other tournaments to come. So keep it locked to and Till later stay frosty!!