The Man with the Iron Fists

So to all those who crave for some live ninja action here is a movie worth checking out. I know my boy Blake and Eyezz are some hardcore ninja film buffs. So I will have to ask their opinion of this movie. For right now I think this is something good to check out. For some reason this look like an Anime somewhere. I know if I dig through the internet I will find it.

2 thoughts on “The Man with the Iron Fists

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  1. I saw this movie and i must say it was pretty good, there were some parts that threw me off, from the crouching tiger style fights to the old school kung fu looking characters i must say it was well put together and the music is RZA’s and it blends really well. I wont say its a must watch but it is worth it if your a major kung fu junkie. i give it a 8/10


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