Naruto Shippuuden 286 + 287 Review

So you thought I forgot my daily duty for my Naruto Review. Well I didn’t. Just wanted to get the full scope of this fluff episode. Seeing how this was a two part fluff series I needed to see both of them together. So we have the flash back episode of the Raikage thinking back of the time him and Lady Tsunade met. They showed us how Lady Tsunade was not known for her prowess but for her big boobs and Legendary Sucker status. Epic as that was they even showed how irresponsible she was with money. So after she lost all her money she somehow con her way for getting more money. Then she went and drank it off. As you know most people who drink usually are trying to bury past pain. In this case she was burying the memories of her 2 past love. One she wanted to spend her life with and her little brother. Both taken away from her. As she drank all she could think about was how she miss them dearly. Thank God facebook isn’t in the narutoverse. Her status updates would be depressing.

So running along we have the Raikage and his men fleeing from the Hidden Cloud. They stole some hidden Jutsu and got mixed up with some gun for hire ninjas. They inhaled a nasty bug that explodes after they take their fill of chakra.

Thing totally owned one of the Raikage’s men. Dude belly full up like santa claus. He begged them to not follow him and then boom. Human Pinata. So you done know the Raikage went beast mode after that. Told his friend Karai to pull out. Once you hear him say that he loosing the spirit bomb. So after that he went back to Karai and continued their journey. That is when they met with one of their friends who actually had the scrolls. Learning that the Raikage was the diversion. Got to love these ninjas. Deception is a boss. So they saw the bug on his chest and couldn’t get it off. That is when the friend spoke of Lady Tsunade very high skills in medical ninjutsu. Raikage being the bold headed fool that he is bust through the wall to go and get her. Lady Tsunade was drunk. Very Drunk. They begged her to help and she blew them off. Then the Raikage challenged her to a battle. She told him wait outside round the back and she would meet them. Well did I said she was drunk right. Well she ain’t meet them outside. Mind you this man wait through rain and ting waiting for her. Dedication buddy. Well he was piss. He came back in the bar and there she was. Sleeping. He woke her up and she was like all  in a daze. Now he ready to beat her down so she said beat her in an arm wrestle and she will help Karai. So we all know Lady Tsunade is strong. Like superman strong. So we done know she was gonna win. Raikage found that out the hard way. Just when you thought she was gonna PWN the Raikage he pull out the bag of dirty tricks. He released her hand for a brief second allowing a space between her hand then used his speed to slam her hand down. So he cheated. Yes he couldn’t beat her fair. But he didn’t want his friend to die. Lady Tsunade knew what he did and just decide to help him.

So when she saw the situation they began to work on him. Unfortunately there was one little thing that the Raikage didn’t know.

Her Hemophobia. That is the fear of blood. It literally makes her into a statue. I could even say it make her weak. That is something she needs to fix. So anywho she had her subordinate do the surgery and she told the Raikage that she will continue in her footsteps even though she know about her fear of blood. Epic fail if you ask me. Medical ninja afraid of blood. So I loved this back story aka fluff episode. Showed me how deep this ninja world is. I would recommend any Naruto fan to check this episode out.


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