November 6th 2012: A Day to Remember

That day marked a new day in many people’s lives. That day we was introduced to something that we thought was over. That day noobs thought they were safe. You ask what happened on that day. Just the biggest release of the biggest franchise for the Xbox 360. The only game that redefined the FPS generation. I am talking about the one and only Halo 4.

Also Obama is the new President of the United States. He beat Mitt Romney. I know most gamers was oblivious to this. Playing Halo 4 is very important. I know I would be playing it steady. So in a way it was a good day for the Obama supporters and gamers alike. I mean what better way to celebrate than sticking a grenade on a noob and watch him squirm like a fish while his body explodes to the sky. Yep. Nothing is better than that. Well except placing a very well laid out headshot from the top of the map. Then screaming from your headphones….BOOM HEADSHOT. So congrats to Mr. Obama. I still say you should of done Gangnym Style when you came in to do your speech. That would of blown up the internet. So from Caribgamer we want to send a shout out to Obama. Do good for those americans up there. They seem to really like you. Well I am gonna get my copy of Halo 4 soon. So I will be able to join in the fight once again!! Till then stay Frosty!!


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