Naruto Shippuuden 288 Review

This was an Epic “Bro” episode. On one corner we have the two “Bro’s” from the Hidden Leaf Village. In the other corner we have Jinpachi and Kushimaru. Now to be honest the dude with the Needle and thread sword acted kinda “funny” to me. I mean he got the hair like a girl. Handling the sword like a real tailor. I guess different strokes for different folks. Not gonna hate. So as I was saying this a was a”Bro” heavy episode. We see that both Kakashi and Guy fighting against a formidable opponent.

So the episode started off with Kakashi feeling good about the progress of the war. Then he heard screaming in the distance. What he saw was messed up. One of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen uses a Needle and Thread sword. Yes I know. Weird Jutsu to master. So he literally got the Allied Ninja dancing like a puppet. Then stabbed him and stuck him on the tree. He did the same thing to a bunch of other ninjas. He literally left them there to die. Watching them wail in pain as they die. Pretty sick stuff there. The other one have an exploding sword. Just swinging and blowing stuff up. So Kakashi didn’t like what he saw one bit. Jumped in there vex and ready to kick ninja butt. But alas him alone couldn’t beat both of them. Why? They can’t die. Once you damage them they would just regenerate. They have a bunch of sticky notes attached to them. Magically they just regenerate more sticky notes and back in the fight they go. The other thing that I noticed is that they were reckless. They even attacked each other knowing they can’t die. So Kakashi had his hands full.

Then out of nowhere Guy came from the sky with his hurricane kick. Luckily Capcom don’t watch Naruto. They would of sued lol. So now the tables have turned. So we thought. Guy got cocky and almost got his foot caught in a trap. I mean here again we see that the Needle Ninja could of cared lees that he took the foot off his comrade. Was like “eh…your in the way anyway” I mean talk about no teamwork. So Kakashi jumped by Guy side to help him. The exploding Sword Ninja made the area go boom. Just when you thought these man is ash Kakashi used his Awesome Sharingan anticipated the explosion and formed a multi layer mud wall. Pretty quick thinking there Kakashi. Unfortunately he was temporarily blind from the explosion.

So Guy and Kakashi sat there thinking about how they will defeat these guys. So at that moment we got a mini flash back when they was younger. Now this is an IMPORTANT flash back. The reason it is important is because we see that Kakashi trying to protect his friends from a dire situation and confronts Guy. Guy wanted to go head on and fight through the opposing ninjas. But Kakashi remembers his friend. Yes Obito. Who was crushed by a rock. I know I know….those who read the manga would jump up and down like a student who knows the answer to the question. We all know what that will lead up to. But as I said it shows half of Obito smashed by a boulder. Kakashi not wanting to fail his friends there was very intense. Almost like he would never let his guard down. reminding Guy that Shinobi that don’t listen to the captain is scum. Hmm I wonder why he is adamant about that. Anyway we see them fighting to the death and giving their all for their friends. Total Bro moment within that flash back.

So back at the moment at hand. Kakashi is temporarily blind and Guy is pumped up to fight but now is focused. I think this is a Popeye moment if you ask me. We all know what happens when the theme song start. Bluto is gonna eat some licks. Well the same thing happened here with Guy and Kakashi. Because they are “in sync” it was easy to take them down. All in all the episode was good. I guess Naruto and Killer Bee took the scenic route. I am enjoying the somewhat filler episodes. Just waiting to see Nagato and Itashi fight with Killer B and Naruto. That will be an epic fight. But until then gonna just enjoy the show. Till later stay frosty!

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