SEN Hooked Me Up!!!

I love free stuff!!

Woke up this morning and was welcomed with the best kind of email. Not the crappy spammy kind. The kind that encourages Gamers to spend more money. Saw this from Sony Entertainment Network giving me an extra $20 for FREE! All I did was buy some games within their network and I got an extra $20. Now you are thinking what can I get for $20 on SEN. Well since CaribGamer will be having a NBA Jam Tournament I needed to have my own personal copy.

So just like that I got my copy. I really do enjoy Freebies. Especially the kind that feeds my need for gaming. If you are on the PS3 and don’t know about the great deals on the Sony Entertainment Network you need to over there and check it out. I bought most of my games there. Borderlands 2 and Assassin Creed 3 are but a few games that I bought day one as they were released. So go and feed your need. I know I will. Also keep an eye out for details on the NBA Jam Tournament coming. Here is a little inside info….It will be in December. On a weekend…. 2 days of gaming bliss!!! Maybe even 3 days!!! Stay tuned!!!

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