Halo 4 Immpressions

Since my copy haven’t reached me as yet, Bash did the honor of giving me his impressions of this awesome game. Don’t get it twisted. I know Medal of Honor Warfighter failed. I know Call of Duty Black Ops 2  just dropped and many people are playing it right now. But check what he had to say about this masterpiece.

Halo 4 Impression

So you were worried about Halo huh? Ugly you say? Dated you say? Tired you say? Sound like familiar criticism and fair one at that, Halo has been too busy refining its sweet mechanics to have noticed it was left behind in the graphics department, to many deviations have made you lost sight of halo’s greatest assets, its action, its narrative and its imaginative world, so you don’t care anymore?…you like “real life” shooters with “real” guns and your willing to play every single one even though there a dime a dozen, how’s that working out for you?

So how does halo change things? If it even does at all? Indeed the Halo loyalist won’t feel left out or even betrayed, what they will feel though is reward for their loyalty in what the newly assembled 343 industries has put on their plates…..a modern day masterpiece, A Graphical Beast that would shut even the most hard-core loyal PS3 fans mouth or render him speechless, A narrative that has instantly made you forgotten about all the offshoots and why the Master Chief was and forever will be that pioneer of heroism, Halo without the Chief has sometimes felt like a bastard child but he has returned and taken his FPS throne from all the generic, lifeless, unimaginative FPS shooters out there, Hail to the Chief the Chief has returned!

Halo not only looks awesome but it sounds like a heart punching monster! The audio fidelity of this game is second to none, its Mechanics tuned like a finely adjusted scope to perfection!

The best thing about Halo 4 though is the direction that this story has gone to the Prometheans are an incredible addition! Halo 4 is the type of game that made you fall in love with videogames long ago you know! The ones you thought about while in class, the one you played on those rainy days, pure single player bliss in a green packaging!


I can’t wait for his review of this game. Got so much on my plate right now that it isn’t funny. So keep it locked to caribgamers.com and we will do our best to keep ya in the loop.

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