Naruto Shippuuden 289: Review

Well Well!!! Why these man for this anime want me to go to jail!!! Bring on the fight I want to see!! Enough of these Fluff episodes… Ugh anyway Here is episode 289.

We have these chunins getting pwned by one if the Seven Samurais. Her name is  Ameyuri Ringo. Her Jutsu speciality is the Lightening style. So her back story is kinda tragic. She died from an incurable disease. Which is pretty stupid if you ask me. I mean putting all things in retrospect the kind of things they are doing now defy the laws of nature. She succumb to a disease. Irony is a boss. So before she died she was known as a awesome tracker. Lucky for Omoi she was right on their tail. Now thesebuch of guys are running from her. They just witnessed one of their friend die. Sad but in the time of war there will be death. So Omoi want to fight but the newly formed leader rather run away. I mean really. If that was naruto we done know he would fight till he dead. Not run away and get stabbed in the back like a punk. So Omoi decide to fight. Little did he know his deceptive style was no match for her lightening style.

One thing though she was impressed. Almost for a second thought she was flirting with him. My kind of gyal. But she decide to finish off his friends instead. You know “saving the best meal for last” so to speak. Just then Omoi saw his friends getting owned by Ameyuri Ringo. Thus brings us to the end. He tricks her by luring her to a bottomless pit. A plan the “coward” was trying to bring her to. Now he said to Omoi that he know his limit but me he just scared. He like to run and hope for the best. Don’t know how he got by in life but I know if I see someone stronger than me I rather give it my all than go home knowing I am alive cause I am a coward. So anywho as she is sinking in the bottomless pit she seemed glad to know he was gonna die with her. Then Kakashi and Guy came in time. Pulled him out the pit and let Ameyuri Ringo sink alone. As he was being pulled up Omoi threw her his lollipop. She then threw at him her sword. Now I say that is a fair trade lol. So since she can not die she would just be there just sinking unless by some epic jutsu she reaches the other side of the world and come looking for him. You know to go on a date.

So the best part came at the end. Kakashi and Guy was informed of Naruto and Bee on their way to the front lines. Yes finally some progress. But then the previews of the next show only proves to be another filler. But I think this one seems to be very “interesting”.

Could she be related to Naruto. You know the red hair people is Naruto’s mom peeps.

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