Nothing is better than waking up in the morning and know you are gonna be hanging with your friends. Playing games is more than just entertainment. It is an extension of ones personality. The jokes and competitive attitude is just but one of the many things we enjoy together. The games on the menu was Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and NBA Jam. The side dish was MW3, Black Ops, Borderlands 2, Hydro Thunder and Altered Beast.

The young people came and supported us as usual. HTKU members came out to support. Thamuck gave me a run for my money in NBA Jam. I lost. It was rough but I got over it. Also we did a small clan battle. We played MW3 over LAN. Earsrus won the first round. No problem. With Blake being rusty I took advantage and did my best to win. Playing against Nia_Bingie was no cake walk. He uses the ways of the force. Coming down to the wire everyone of us was fighting to get that number one spot. Earsrus was hot on my tail. Nia_Bingie just as deadly was at the point of winning. Thank God MW3 is broken. Got the win by shooting his big toe lol. Was quite funny watching the killcam. Then Timothy was giving Halo 4 a swing. Watching that game was just beautiful. Those guys at 343 studio did an awesome job with that game.

As Blake finds time to edit the Vlog will say we did a review of Black Ops 2. I am glad to say I didn’t get paid by Activision to review the game. So I was honest. We even compared it with other FPS games while playing them live. It was interesting to see Halo 4 next to Black Ops 2. It was night and day. I feel that most COD fanboys ignore the graphics they grown accustom to. The thing about the Call of Duty Series is the stagnant backgrounds. Will have more to say once the Vlog is done.

So until then remember the date. NBA Jam December 15th and 16th. Big prizes!! Stay frosty till then!