BF3 New Weapon New Map DLC 11.27.12 Aftermath!

So fellow Premium BF3 players guess what is coming to us very soon. The fourth DLC installment in the BF3 series. Aftermath. With Call of Duty Black Ops 2 selling hotter than crack one would think that BF3 would be showing some age. Not this game. Just gets better everyday! The cross bow will add another depth to the game. Most likely if you are playing BF3 you are probably not playing Blops 2. So just like Armored Kill expect a bumpy roll out. The last time the new DLC dropped there was a minor issue downloading it. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes. If you don’t know also on the Battlelog website there are some cool wallpapers to download. So go on and get urs like I got mines. Here is one to wet ur lips with.

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