Naruto Shippuuden 290 Review!!!


This was the best filler episode I have seen in a long time!!! This is why I love Naruto. They can even make the fillers entertaining.


Gonna dig right into it. We start off like usual. Naruto goes on a very important S class mission. The Hokagae fills them in while explaining that forces are spread thin. With the grave yard robberies and other perils causing concern.

So the newly formed team 7 go off to see what the problem is. Now as Naruto and Sakura took a pause by the pond. Naruto takes a mouthful of water and happily enjoys the taste. While Sakura admires how serine and beautiful the pond is. Kabatu adds his 2 cent by saying he agrees. Now if you know anything about the Narutoverse this dude is Trouble. I call him Orichimaru boyfriend. So anyway Naruto goes into kill mode one shot. Rasengan in he tank. Kabuto jumps out of the way. Then starts to talk. Now I don’t know why Naruto let him actually open his mouth but eh…. Sakura assume he had something to with the village being burned down and attacked. Kabuto smiled and explained why he did it. The pond have millions of  orichimaru cells. Yes. This botty bwoy have de man dem cell in de water. IDIOT TING DAT!!! The same water Naruto drink had orichimaru cells. Anyway he explains that the water allow him to make “life” from dead corpse. Here we see him using the reanimation Jutsu for the first time. He brings one from the water and then say that he didn’t come alone. That is when Yamato and Sai came true. Then all hell broke loose.

Kabatu called up all the dead people he dig up. I mean this man really like man. Digging up people. So you know Team 7 went to town. Sakutra is a beast. It is like once she touch you it done. One fist demolish the man face. Then as we know already they don’t die. Cause dem is hybrid zombies lol. Naruto is now attacking Kabatu head on. But some black snake grabs him and takes him to the bottom of the lake. Then all of a sudden as he begins to loose his breath we see this image.


Now I won’t lie. I thought I downloaded a bad anime episode. Was like what kinda Evangelion episode cross up thing I have here. So I was tempted to fast forward it when I see the episode turn away from Naruto to this scene.

Now I was like um….ok. Then as the episode continued I realized they went further back. Yes they gave us a flash back within the filler episode. Not only are we awaiting to see what would happen to Naruto but now been given another back story. Epic stuff. Cause as the fight was going on Kabuto was concerned that not all of his Hybrid Zombies came back to life to fight. He thought to himself that the jutsu isn’t complete. So I guess this back story of the village before it got burned down would help us understand why Kabuto want that whole area to himself. What secrets lie underneath that pond? The whole story seem to me an explanation on how Kabuto eventually got the full transformation. You know become one with his master. Even when I say it the thing sound just Justin Bieber gay. Not hating on the artist just using him as a scale on how weird that is. Watching the villagers fight for their lives and doing what they can to defend their home was touching. I know…..totally had an oprah winfrey moment there.

I really enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to see part 2. Maybe we get to see how Kabatu finish the Jutsu and get that green thing that has power. Maybe we will understand more about this reanimation Jutsu. Seeing that today is Thanksgiving and many people are enjoying turkey and ham we in the BVI don’t celebrate the american holiday but all over the world there is one thing that we all can look forward to. To sit down together and WATCH NARUTO ON THURSDAY!!!!!! I like to call it RAMEN THURSDAY!!! WOOT!!! So till the next episode stay frosty!!



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  1. Good site u hav. big up Naruto fans bleach fans etc happy holidays. All I want for Christmas is some irie Molly wid Di hot grabba & molly sheet!!!


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