So here in the British Virgin Islands I was waiting in anticipation for the new Aftermath DLC. After the very huge update patch I checked the Server browser for a match. I jumped in the Aftermath Server match and to my surprise got kicked right out. For some weird reason I don’t have the maps. So now here I thought that Dice learnt their lesson from the last map pack and would of given us the whole kitten and kaboodle. I was wrong. So frantically I jumped over to PSN to see if I have to download the new map pack. Then I was asked to update the PSN store. Um Ok no prob. After a small update I went straight to search and looked for Aftermath. To my surprise only thing that had Aftermath was Resistance 2.

Now I knew from my experience that we had to wait for the PSN store to update before we can get the new DLC. Which in my opinion sucks. Cause when you really check it out on the servers you find people are playing. Some are even uploading pics of how awesome the game is. Some are complaining about the missing floors and other minor glitches. I want to be one of those people complaining. So we have to wait after 6 or 7 pm before the updated PSN store comes live. Well I started my download of this new DLC. Unlike my fellow americans with their fast download speeds I have to wait a few hours to download this DLC.

So if you are like me and cheering your progress bar to reach the end then sit back and catch up on the latest episode of Walking Dead or something. I already know I will be burning the midnight oil with this game. I done see Dice want to be messing with my M5K like dem own it. No worries I will be running this game hard like a bad ting. Oh also if you don’t check Battlelog there is a new Dog Tag that you can use. There was a challenge given to us to reach 6.66 million base captures. Now I am not one of those conspiracy theorist but why (6.66) million. Why not 6.78 or something. Anyway this is what we got for contributing to the mark of the beast award.


Thanks to our entire community for pulling all the plugs in our latest dog tag challenge! You all worked together on all three platforms to successfully achieve a massive 6.66 million base captures in Armored Kill!

Only because I love trolling I am gonna be sporting this. I won’t lie I am kinda digging the BF3 community. It is much better than the COD community. Not dissing their flat graphics and unrealistic gameplay but I think the next COD would have to do something pretty epic to even compete with BF3. I won’t even talk about BF4. Hopefully they don’t mess up the good thing they have right now. So anyway gonna play some Final Fantasy 7 on my Vita till this update comes through. Will be dropping my own mini review of the maps and the new game modes once I find time away from it.