Assassin Creed 3 Review


I now most gamers saw the reviews of this game on many websites. Some praising it as the best thing since slice cheese. Well to be honest I got this game as it dropped via Day One Digital Download from PSN. So like many gamers I jumped in the AC world head first.

So like taking a swan dive from the eagles nest into a pile of hay I spent some time with this one. I want to point out that people who do not have a good attention span will not enjoy this game. I am very famous for that. That is why I love FPS games. Jump in and kill. Quick gratification and excitement. AC3 is a bag of goodies. Some parts of the game asks you to sneak in and be all stealth. Sometimes you have the choice to do it quietly or just roll in like Chuck Norris. I prefer Chuck Norris if you please. Now what most game sites that review the game fail to tell you is the amount of running around needed to be done. Now like most gamers who played Skyrim could enjoy the atmosphere and the openness of the game. I sometimes get tired of walking or running or hopping trees or swimming. Trust me there is a lot of that. While taking in the sites one can hunt or be hunted. Nothing says nature more than bears and mountain lions. I must confess it is pretty cool using snares and bows to catch deer, rabbits and foxes.


Most people talk about the graphics and to be honest the game looks great. I tried playing it in 3D and it didn’t pop out at you but did the job. Now I wouldn’t recommend playing that way for a long period of time. So as the story goes there is alot to take in. Many twists and OMG moments that make every moment count.

The fighting in this game is AWESOME. Love how while I am beasting out on one enemy I can counter another enemy via a highlight of an incoming attack. I press the counter button and BAM slow motion time. Giving me the choice to either push him away, take away his weapon or deal the instant kill. Trust me the animation is smooth! There are times when I forget that I have an arsenal of moves at my disposal. Like a noob I go into button mashing mode. I guess like a pre teen I need to just calm down.


The multiplayer portion of the game is beyond epic fun. All I have to say about that is they took revelations and made it better. Swooping down on your target and recruiting assassins is where the fun is at. Like most games if there is no good multiplayer portion it sort of lack that longevity to want to come back to. This game did a great job balancing both. A great single player portion that have SO MUCH TO DO is not funny. Many missions I did not get the full sync got me making mental notes to go back to finish it. The multiplayer portion have its own levels to achieve. So if you are not caught up with any other game like BF3 or Call of Duty Black Ops I would give this a try. If you loved any of the Assassin Creed games this is a must have. So if you want a score for this game believe the hype. I give it 5 out of 5.

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